Sugaring Hair Removal

Sugaring A more Natural Method Of Hair Removal Than Waxing For Ladies

What Is Sugaring and What Makes It So Great Compared To Waxing and Other Hair Removal Methods 

Sugaring is an Egyptian method of hair removal using an entirely natural and hypoallergenic paste. It can be applied to any area of the body where you need hair removal and is flicked off removing the hair generally in the direction of hair growth removing hair by the root including the bulb leaving the skin silky smooth and soft. 

  • Unlike wax wich contains resins, chemicals & preservatives, sugar paste is entirely natural leaving the skin smooth, silky & hair free from 4 to 6 weeks dependant on your hair growth cycle.
  • Sugaring may feel less painful as it does not stick to the skin like wax so may suit people who have experienced discomfort through other forms of hair removal.
  • With hand sugaring I am always aware of the temperature of the paste as it is in my hand. This avoids burning your skin like some waxing methods may do.
  • The sugar paste is entirely natural & hypoallergenic so suitable for all skin types, even sensitive skin and people who suffer from psoriasis & eczema.
  • Sugar is a natural exfoliator so removes dead skin cells during the process, ingrowing hairs should be less than with other hair removal methods and I will provide you with after care advice to prevent or reduce this happening.


  • Leaves your skin soft, silky and smooth


  •  Reactions such as redness are less common & if any disappear faster with sugaring than other hair removal methods.
  • Hand sugaring can be more thorough as I can go over the area with & against the hair growth if required.

  • Sugaring can be performed on shorter hairs than waxing when it is in it's early growth stage so you can be hair free more regularly if you wish. Some hair as short as 5mm can be removed, however this is dependent on the treatment area and previous hair removal method. Hair removed for the first time maybe more resistant, especially after shaving for many years.

  • Sugaring encourages finer and sparser re growth as it removes hair from the root.

  • Sugaring is enviromentally friendly being completely biodegradable & contains no harmful chemicals or animal products & has not been tested on animals.

  • Is it painful?Everybody’s pain threshold is different. You simply have to try it. A high percentage of clients state it’s less painful than other methods they have experienced. If your period is due you may be a little more sensitive than usual.

  • Will it stick to my clothes?
    No the sugar paste is water soluble & easily removed from skin and clothing.


Pure Life Sugaring Price List


Eyebrows 20 mins £ 10.50

Lip or Chin 20 mins £ 7.50

Lip & Chin 30 mins £14.50

Other Facial areas from £7.50


Bikini Line

Bikini Line from £14.50 to £32.50



Underarms 20 mins £10.50

Forearms 30 mins £16.50

Full Arm 45 mins £19.50

Knuckles 10 mins £ 3.50



Full Legs 60 mins £29.50

Lower Legs includes knees 30 mins £17.50

Upper Legs (thigh) includes knee 30 mins £17.50

Toes and or Feet 10 mins £3.50


Other Areas

Breast and or chest from £3.50 and price quoted as required

Abdominal/Stomach Area from £3.50 and price quoted as required