Treatment Details

Reflexology Treatment Details 

Mobile Reflexology Service Bishop,s Stortford, Stansted, Birchanger, Takeley, Little Canfield, Priors Green, Great Dunmow, Ugley, Quendon, Rickling, Newport, Hazel End,  Manuden, Farnham, Elsenham, Molehill Green, Henham, Hatfield Broad Oak, Hatfield Heath, Little Hadham, Much Hadham, Standon, Sawbridgeworth, High Wych and some nearby Villages. I am also happy to travel to other areas not mentioned but a minimum spend on treatments or a travel cost may be applied 

Reflexology is not a foot massage or beauty treatment, it is a precise complementary therapy using finger & thumb pressure to reflex points on the feet to relax & balance the body helping to relive stress, raise energy levels & remove tension from your feet & body. Reflexology is a wonderful relaxing & calming treatment.

I offer reflexology treatments for clients who would like treatments for general health & well being or to aid relief from stress & anxiety by providing relaxation to the body which may also help aid many other ailments such as irritable bowel syndrome, migraines, sinus conditions, back ache, sciatica, neck & shoulder pain & more. Many diseases are caused by stress & reflexology may help to relax the nervous system & restore balance to the body systems.

How Is Reflexology Applied?

A reflexology treatment generally lasts for about 1 hour. Reflexology is normally carried out on the feet, you remain fully clothed apart from shoes & socks. You will be invited to relax on a reclining chair or couch that I provide or sit in your own comfortable chair with your feet up on a footstool. I will cleanse your feet & then use a variety of techniques using my thumbs, fingers & knuckles to apply compression & massage to reflex areas on your feet. These techniques will be adapted to your individual needs & pressure. Reflexology is suitable for most people. I will carry out a short consultation before each treatment to ensure your continued well-being.

Reflexology provides relaxation and a therapeutic touch which may also help support other health conditions

*Help to maintain good health & general well being *Relief from stress, anxiety & tension *A sense of relief & relaxation

*A feeling of renewal, refreshed & energised *Improved sleep pattern *Reduction of aches & pains

*Maintain flexibility & movement *Release of blocked sinuses *Aids balance of hormones (May lower stress & provide calm during the menopause)

*Aid improvement of skin conditions *Improved mood *Improves & strengthen the immune system

*Improves circulation throughout the body *Encourages the body to heal *Provides a therapeutic touch (helps offer relaxation & a feeling of being cared for)

*Improve mental clarity *Improves circulation, especially for those that are less mobile (May help sufferers of cold hands & feet) *Balances blood pressure

*Improves digestive system, relief of constipation to aid a better appetite *Help maintain or provide better flexibility in the feet & ankles & complete skeletal system

*Aids Improvement & strengthening of the immune system to aid improved body functions *Help encourage healing after surgery or illness

*Help detoxify the body & clear old medication *Support for degenerative disease such as Parkinson's Disease

Do you suffer From Stress & Anxiety

Reflexology promotes relaxation of the body helping to reduce stress & anxiety levels & or depression

*Help relax & reduce stress levels *Encouraging improved sleep patterns (help with insomnia & intermittent sleep) *Help to stabilise moods *Improve mental clarity & concentration

*Aid relaxation of the nervous system returning it to a parasympathetic state promoting a state of balance & well being

*Relax the digestive system *Improve energy levels *Aid relief of tension in back, neck & shoulders *Aid relief of migraines & headaches

*Support alongside any medication you are taking

Benefits Of Reflexology For Sports People & People Participating in Fitness Activities

Reflexology treatments can also benefit sports people & anyone taking part in any sporting or fitness activities such as Dancing, Running, Cycling, Gymnasium, Zumbar, Personal Training, Pilates & Yoga by helping to reduce muscle fatigue & stiffness, encourage circulation, increase lymph movement to rid muscles of lactic acid & more.

*Encouraging mental, emotional & physical health

*Help to reduce muscle fatigue & stiffness

*Encouraging circulation, increasing lymph movement to rid muscles of lactic acid

*Helps detoxification of the body

*Help to relax & relieve negative stress prior to & during your sports competiton

*Extra support to work alongside physiotherapy, sports massage or conventional medicines if you have suffered from an injury as reflexology helps boost the immune system aiding healing & recovery time

Reflexology Treatments In Your Place Of Work

Helps boost staff moral, clear & relax the mind, lower stress levels, more energy & all the other benefits mentioned on this page

I offer a mobile service providing reflexology treatments for your staff members for group bookings tailored to your company needs, budget, time availability & regularity of visits. All I need is a small reasonably quiet room or area to work in, I will bring along a suitable relaxation chair & everything else I require. I am happy to provide this service to staff of small & large offices, hotels, shops & any business where your staff would love to have reflexology. The price of a reflexology treatment is reasonably discounted depending on booking numbers, treatment lengths required (your choice) or a day rate can be agreed. Please call me for further details so that we can work together to choose a suitable day, number of staff, length of treatments & any other finer details you can think of.



24th July 2019 I have had several treatments with Fiona over the last couple of years. As a therapist myself I find it hard to find other therapist's who have the same high standards. Fiona is professional , well trained and her standards are high .
The reflexology treatment was certainly one of the best I have ever had . Deeply relaxing, I will be booking one again although it will be hard to choose between reflexology or Reiki equally as relaxing. Wendy Fach, Bishops Stortford, Hertfordshire

22nd June 2019 My reflexology/foot massage session with Fiona was wonderful! I had never tried this before and would thoroughly recommend it! I enjoyed it so much that I booked a full body massage with Fiona and just floated away on a sea of relaxation! Highly recommended! Michal, Bishops Stortford, Hertfordshire 

 16th June 2019 I have been using Fiona for some time now for reflexology and also for a sports/relaxing foot massage. I have to say she is excellent not only does she come to my house, she is extremely professional and brings all her own equipment. Her treatments are relaxing and I have found that I have benefited in many ways mentally and physically from her treatments. I would thoroughly recommend her to anybody who is thinking about reflexology, or anyone who is looking for a way to distress in this modern world when life gets hectic. Tina Hart, Much Hadham, Hertfordshire

16th June 2019 ‘I first met Fiona after I began getting ‘pins and needles in my toes’ on long bike rides during training and racing Ironman Triathlons. After consultation she began reflexology and massage on my feet and the circulation improved to the extent that I hardly have the problem anymore. I have continued the treatments and I am very impressed with Fiona’s professionalism, manner and flexibility around my foot issues. I would highly recommend Fiona to anyone who has foot issues and need an understanding approach and skilled treatment.’ Phil, Bishop’s Stortford, Hertfordshire

15th June 2019 I am halfway through a course of Reflexology with Fiona and was reflecting about my menopausal symptoms. I was experiencing a real surge in night sweats and general flushing and sweats throughout the day when I decided to invest in a course of Reflexology. In the last 3 weeks (1 treatment weekly) my symptoms have lessened and my sleep is soo much better, my mood has also improved and I believe this is as a result of the hormonal balancing effect of Reflexology....... Thanks Fiona, looking forward to building on this with my subsequent treatments. Irene, Stansted, Essex

Fiona your treatments are amazing :) thank you. Donna, Stansted, Essex

I have thoroughly enjoyed my sessions with Fiona. I can't say wether it has changed my anxietys & stress problems long term but most definitely relieves all anxiety, stress & tension during the session. A.Brown, North Weald

I feel the treatment has benefited my tense neck area & also my digestive system. Always very relaxing. Ulrike, Bishop's Stortford

My overall impression is that I like the treatments & find them refreshing. The reflexology treatments have definitely helped the circulation in my feet. Owen, Dunmow