Q. What is Reflexology? 

A. Reflexology is based on the principles that there are reflex areas & points on the feet & hands linked by energy pathways that correspond to the organs, nerves, glands & other parts of the body. 

The feet are representative of the whole body, the right foot being the right side of the body & the left representing the left side. The position of reflexes on the soles of the feet generally reflect the corresponding organs & parts of the body, the big toe being the head, from the big toe to heal down the inner edge of the foot is the spine & the heal representing the sciatic. The foot is also split into longitudinal & transverse zones. The principle of the zones are that any organ, gland or body part that fall within the same zone are connected by energy. If there is a block of the body’s natural energy it will have an effect on other organs or parts of the body in that zone. 

Reflexology is a technique of applying gentle pressure to reflex areas & points on the feet to aid relaxation, relieve stress & stimulate the body’s healing process.


Q. Is reflexology suitable for me, my child, my elderly relative, if suffering from on-going illness?

A. Yes reflexology is safe for everyone including children & the elderly. Occasionally there are times when treatment may not be possible without a Doctors consent which I will obtain before the reflexology treatment. A consultation is carried out at your/their appointment to ensure suitability & continued well-being. 


Q. Can I have a reflexology treatment if I have cancer?

A. Yes reflexology is a very therapeutic treatment which may help you relax and cope with stress and anxiety, lift your mood and give a feeling of well being and may help relieve pain due to the relaxation. I will take a full consultation prior to the day of your treatment by calling you at a suitable time for you and pre-arrange a date for your reflexology treatment. I will then with your agreement write to your Doctor/Specialist Consultant to obtain consent to treat you (in all cases I have dealt with consent has been given).  


Q, Is reflexology safe to receive if I am using other complementary treatments & or on prescribed medication? 

A. Reflexology is a complementary therapy that can work alongside many other therapies & also conventional medicine (prescribed medicines). 


Q Can reflexology cure? 

A. No reflexology can not cure. No complementary therapy including reflexology can cure. Reflexology can help to relax the body, alleviate some symptoms & boost the body's natural healing by relieving stress which is the cause of many illnesses.


Q. How is reflexology applied?

A. Reflexology is normally carried out on the feet, you remain fully clothed apart from shoes & socks. You will be invited to relax on a reclining chair, couch or sit in a comfortable chair with your feet up on a footstool. The therapist will cleanse your feet & then use a variety of techniques using their thumbs, fingers & knuckles to apply compression & massage to reflex areas on your feet. These techniques will be adapted to your individual needs & pressure.


Q Does reflexology hurt?

A. Most people find reflexology is a pleasant & relaxing sensation. Sometimes certain areas of the feet may be slightly tender which could indicate a possible imbalance in the corresponding area of the body. If tenderness is felt the pressure can be adapted to suit your needs & comfort.


Q. Does reflexology tickle?

A. The pressure used in reflexology is gentle but firm & should not cause a tickling sensation. You are in control of your treatment at all times & I will change the pressure to suit your needs & comfort.