Menopause and Stress Relief Packages

I specialise in offering treatments to support you if your suffering from STRESS and ANXIETY and helping to balance hormones during your JOURNEY THROUGH MENOPAUSE. Please call me if you would like advice to decide which treatment/s may be best to support you or I can put together a treatment support package of treatment sessions using a unique fusion blend of up to 3 treatments that we feel are intuitively right for you on the day of your appointment. Each treatment session includes a full consultation and aftercare advice along with some basic healthy living, exercise, basic dietary advice, suggested supplements to take and how to support yourself through these emotional and changing times in your life. I myself am going through the menopause so can totally sympathise, of course we are all slightly different but I have a good understanding of what your going through. 


Treatment Choices up to 3 

Yor do not need to choose your treatments from this selection until your appointment as we will choose what is right for you on the day and in the moment 

  • Aromatherapy Stress Relief and Relaxation Massage  
  • Reiki
  • Reflexology
  • Indian Head/Scalp Massage
  • Face Massage 

Treatments are charged at £85 per session, your first treatment will be approximately 2 hours 30 minutes as this includes your treatment and a full consultation. Following treatments will be 90 minutes of treatment time with relaxation time after your treatment 



June 15th 2019 I am halfway through a course of Reflexology with Fiona and was reflecting about my menopausal symptoms. I was experiencing a real surge in night sweats and general flushing and sweats throughout the day when I decided to invest in a course of Reflexology. In the last 3 weeks (1 treatment weekly) my symptoms have lessened and my sleep is soo much better, my mood has also improved and I believe this is as a result of the hormonal balancing effect of Reflexology....... Thanks Fiona, looking forward to building on this with my subsequent treatments. Irene, Stansted, Essex