Menopause and Stress Relief Packages

Supporting Females Through Menopause Are you stressed?Suffer anxiety? Low energy? Difficulty sleeping? Feel out of balance?

I offer a personalised fusion of treatments to bring you calm, peace, nurturing, lower anxiety


I am an Intuitive Bodyworker and specialise in supporting females on their journey through and beyond menopause who are suffering with stress, anxiety, disrupted sleep, low energy, lack confidence and feel like their life is out of balance.

I offer this treatment to calm, bring peace, nurturing, relaxation and help lower anxiety, using a personalised fusion of treatments combining the balance and relaxation of reiki, aromatherapy massage and reflexology to help bring your body mind and sole back to a more relaxed, tranquil and balanced state.

I can understand and sympathise with you as I know only to well what this feels like, how the anxiety, moods and feeling overwhelmed affects you at times as I have gone through this myself and feel I am now on the better side of it.

I decided as menopause resonates with me to offer women like yourself a fusion blend of the lovely calming, supportive and relaxing treatments I offer to support you through your journey.


  •  I offer a specialised fusion of 3 treatments to provide you with a totally Intuitive Bespoke Treatment.
  •  Hold a safe calm and tranquil space to support your female energy on your journey through and beyond menopause
  • I use an intuitive fusion and blend of 3 nurturing, relaxing and balancing treatments that your energy draws me to provide for you in that moment.
  • I offer a mobile service bringing this beautiful tranquil fusion treatment to you so you can continue to relax after your serenity.
  • An Aftercare Email sent to you with a list of details that I have found helpful to support myself of some basic healthy living, contacts and websites, menopause support groups and forums, exercise, basic dietary advice, suggested natural supplements to take and general help of how to support yourself through these emotional and changing times in your life.
  • I Cover Bishops Stortford, Stansted, Newport, Sawbridgeworth, High Wych, Little Hadham, Much Hadham, Widford, Standon, Albury, Albury End, Hatfield Heath and Hatfield Broad Oak, Little Canfield, Great Dunmow, other nearby Towns and villages in Hertfordshire and Essex


Your Relaxation and Stress Relief Treatment 

Your First Treatment is £85 and includes your consultation, your personalised treatment, aftercare advise and a follow up email with further support details.

Follow on treatments are £80 each or you can buy a package of 6 further treatments for £450 reducing each treatment to £75 each.

Please note package is to be secured with a £35 non refundable deposit at your very first consultation and treatment appointment and then the difference £415 paid in full at the end of treatment no.1 of this package of 6 & to be taken within a 6 month period. Any questions please call me.

You do not need to choose your treatments from the selection below when booking as we will choose between us what is right for you on the day of your appointment and in that moment. It may be a fusion of all 3 treatments or just one and each treatment session you need may differ at each appointment. Your first treatment will be approximately 2 hours 30 minutes as this includes a full consultation, your treatment time aftercare advice and me to pack away. Following treatment sessions will be 90 minutes and includes time for relaxation after on the couch. Please also allow an extra 30 minutes after your 90 minute treatment to allow me to pack away and for yourself to continue to enjoy the feeling of relaxation and take time for yourself rather than needing to rush on to your next commitment. 

  • Aromatherapy Stress Relief and Relaxation Massage  
  • Reiki
  • Reflexology

I specialise in offering this treatment to support you if your suffering from STRESS and ANXIETY helping to balance you during your JOURNEY THROUGH MENOPAUSE. Please call me if you would like advice to decide which treatment/s may be best to support you and I can put together a treatment support package of treatment sessions using a unique fusion blend of up to 3 treatments that we feel are intuitively right for you on the day of your appointment. Each treatment session includes a full consultation and aftercare advice along with details I have myself found helpful to support me of some basic healthy living, exercise, basic dietary advice, suggested supplements to take and how to support yourself through these emotional and changing times in your life. Also if you follow my FACEBOOK page link here I will be posting various articles and hints and tips for menopause of information I have found useful or exercises I am doing myself to help me that may help you. I am currently going through the menopause so can totally sympathise, of course we are all slightly different but I have a good understanding of what your going through.

Please Note:This is a complementary treatment to help support you through menopause and does not replace medical advice from a GP or Specialist Menopause Consultant. 


July 24th 2019 I have had several treatments with Fiona over the last couple of years. As a therapist myself I find it hard to find other therapist's who have the same high standards. Fiona is professional , well trained and her standards are high .
The reflexology treatment was certainly one of the best I have ever had . Deeply relaxing, I will be booking one again although it will be hard to choose between reflexology or Reiki equally as relaxing. Wendy Fach, Bishop's Stotford, Hertfordshire

2nd July 2019 I’ve had several reiki sessions with Pure Life and I can highly recommend Fiona. I suffer with stress and anxiety, Fiona’s treatments always calm me and make me feel extremely relaxed. Amanda, Harlow, Essex

15th 2019 I am halfway through a course of Reflexology with Fiona and was reflecting about my menopausal symptoms. I was experiencing a real surge in night sweats and general flushing and sweats throughout the day when I decided to invest in a course of Reflexology. In the last 3 weeks (1 treatment weekly) my symptoms have lessened and my sleep is soo much better, my mood has also improved and I believe this is as a result of the hormonal balancing effect of Reflexology....... Thanks Fiona, looking forward to building on this with my subsequent treatments. Irene, Stansted, Essex