Pre Treatment Details

Medical conditions Please advise me at time of booking, certain conditions may prevent a massage until further advice is obtained from your doctor. Any information you discuss will be kept completely confidential.

Appropriate Clothing Oils are applied to your skin and although they soak in some residue may be left so
casual comfortable clothing is probably best.

Eating Prior To Massage Please do not eat a heavy meal within approx 2 hours prior to your appointment as
this may affect the comfort of your massage & possibly prevent proper digestion of your meal.

Massage Pressure I will always endeavour to tailor the massage treatment I offer to your needs. I realise
the pressure of the massage is personal to your level of comfort so will establish this during you client
consultation prior to the treatment. Please note I do not offer deep tissue or sports injury

Background Music During your massage treatments a selection of relaxing music is available at your
choice. If you have some appropriate music you enjoy relaxing to feel free to bring a CD along & have
this played instead or opt for silence.